9-mar-2020 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da VIEWSOFVIEWS. The average amount of time people wait at a stop or station for public transit is 12 min, while 16% of riders wait for over 20 minutes on average every day. It has baptised the famous Bolognese sauce, a meat-based pasta sauce that in Italy is called ragù and is substantially different from the variety found worldwide; moreover, in Bologna the sauce is used only as a dressing for tagliatelle, serving it with spaghetti being considered odd. 2015. The club took part to the top tier of the Italian championship for the first 25 years of their history never winning the title but getting to the runner-up place several times; they returned in top division (Serie A1 then Super 10), in the late 1990s and faced serious financial problems which led them to the relegation and almost to disappearance. Chorus – Coro del Teatro Comunale di Bologna. Since 21 June 2016 Virginio Merola, as mayor of the capital city, has been the mayor of the Metropolitan City. [46] Resistance forces entered Bologna on the morning of 21 April 1945. Sichere dir bis zu 150€ Bonus. In 1977, Bologna was the scene of rioting linked to the Movement of 1977, a spontaneous political movement of the time. Il 19 aprile 2012 gli è stata intitolata la curva nord dello stadio Pino Zaccheria di Foggia;[12] il 10 marzo 2013, in occasione dell'incontro di calcio tra Matera e Foggia, è stata a lui intitolata la gradinata dello stadio XXI Settembre - Franco Salerno di Matera. L'esperienza termina nel mese di dicembre con il definitivo ritiro dal calcio giocato. [73], The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Bologna, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 53 min. [105] https://www.transfermarkt.com/andrea-mancini/profil/spieler/201336 ", "STAZIONE 140 BOLOGNA: medie mensili periodo 61 – 90", "Bologna Borgo Panigale: Record mensili dal 1946", "Dipartimento per gli Affari Interni e Territoriali", Ballottaggio 2016, Merola confermato sindaco, "Demographic Balance for the year 2017 (provisional data)", "Metropolitan cities in Italy. Knowing the height of the central nave and the width of the building, the measures of the sections can be calculated by measuring an orthograde photo of the facade. Bologna was the center of a revived study of law, including the scholar Irnerius[20] (c 1050 – after 1125) and his famous students, the Four Doctors of Bologna. It was one of the first European cities to experiment with the concept of free public transport. However, following a rebellion by the town's governor, a renegade member of the Visconti family, Bologna was recuperated to the papacy in 1363 by Cardinal Gil Álvarez Carrillo de Albornoz after a long negotiation involving a huge indemnity paid to Bernabò Visconti, Giovanni's heir, who died in 1354. The free commune was severely weakened by decades of infighting, allowing the Pope to impose the rule of his envoy Cardinal Bertrand du Pouget in 1327. View the profiles of people named Franco Mancini. The urban organization is governed by the Italian Constitution (art. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Bologna, then a frontier outpost of the Byzantine Exarchate of Ravenna, was repeatedly sacked by the Goths; it is in this period that legendary Bishop Petronius, according to ancient chronicles, rebuilt the ruined town and founded the basilica of Saint Stephen. A large commuter rail service is currently under development (see Bologna metropolitan railway service), and a four line tram network is also planned (see Trams in Bologna). Auf LinkedIn können Sie sich das vollständige Profil ansehen und mehr über die Kontakte von Franco Mancini und Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen erfahren. [13], Bologna is an important agricultural, industrial, financial and transport hub, where many large mechanical, electronic and food companies have their headquarters as well as one of the largest permanent trade fairs in Europe. Metternich warned French king Louis Philippe I against intervention in Italian affairs, and in the spring of 1831, Austrian forces marched across the Italian peninsula, defeating the rebellion by 26 April.[36]. In 1442, Hannibal I Bentivoglio, Giovanni's nephew, recovered Bologna from the Milanese, only to be assassinated in a conspiracy plotted by Pope Eugene IV three years later. In 1401, Giovanni I Bentivoglio took power in a coup with the support of Milan, but the Milanese, having turned his back on them and allied with Florence, marched on Bologna and had Giovanni killed the following year. Painters working in Bologna during this period established the Bolognese School which includes Annibale Carracci, Domenichino, Guercino and others of European fame. 9% of public transit riders ride for more than 2 hours every day. Nella stagione 2007-2008 passa titolare al Martina in Serie C1, con cui rescinde il contratto nel mese di gennaio 2008, e al termine della stagione passa alla Fortis Trani, club di Promozione Pugliese. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Franco Mancini anzeigen. However, this was not evident in the 1500s, which were marked by some major developments in Bologna. Though the emperor demanded his release, Enzo was thenceforth kept a knightly prisoner in Bologna, in a palace that came to be named Palazzo Re Enzo after him. According to the last governmental dispositions concerning administrative reorganisation, the urban area of Bologna is one of the 15 Metropolitan municipalities (città metropolitane), new administrative bodies fully operative since 1 January 2015. Bis heute, seit Apr. In the last decades of the 19th century, Bologna once again thrived economically and socially. The original Roman ramparts were supplanted by a high medieval system of fortifications, remains of which are still visible, and finally by a third and final set of ramparts built in the 13th century, of which numerous sections survive. [14] As a consequence, Bologna is also one of the wealthiest cities in Italy, often ranking as one of the top cities in terms of quality of life in the country: in 2020 it ranked 1st out of 107 Italian provinces.[15]. On 24 July 1943, a massive aerial bombardment destroyed a significant part of the historic city centre and killed about 200 people. On 7 November 1944, a pitched battle around Porta Lame, waged by partisans of the 7th Brigade of the Gruppi d'Azione Patriottica against Fascist and Nazi occupation forces, did not succeed in triggering a general uprising, despite being one of the largest resistance-led urban conflicts in the European theatre. For the food, see, "Bologne" and "Bolognese" redirect here. Informieren Sie sich über aktuelle und verkaufte Kunstwerke von Francesco Mancini im Auktionshaus Dorotheum. März 2012 in Pescara) war ein italienischer Fußballspieler.. Sportlicher Werdegang. Francesco Mancini - Carriera - stagioni, presenze, goal - TuttoCalciatori.Net - Schede calciatori con carriera, gol, della serie A, serie B, serie C, serie C1 e serie C2, lega... Teleradioerre - In mille a funerali Mancini, in tanti restano fuori; presente anche Zeman, Intitolazione "Curva Nord" a Franco Mancini, chiuso stadio Zaccheria, Gradinata stadio di Matera dedicata a Franco Mancini, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Francesco_Mancini_(calciatore)&oldid=117134410, Calciatori dell'A.S.D. Julius II entered the city triumphantly on 10 November. The average age of Bologna resident is 51 compared to the Italian average of 42. The Province of Bologna stretches from the Po Plain into the Apennines; the highest point in the province is the peak of Corno alle Scale (in Lizzano in Belvedere) at 1,945 metres (6,381 ft) above sea level. Lyrics By [English] – Bruce Sievier. [4] Its metropolitan area is home to more than 1,000,000 people. Commemorations take place in Bologna on 2 August each year, culminating in a concert in the main square. Giovanni II managed to resist the expansionist designs of Cesare Borgia for some time, but on 7 October 1506, Pope Julius II issued a bull deposing and excommunicating Bentivoglio and placing the city under interdict. [38] Bolognese moderate agrarian elites, that supported liberal insurgencies against the papacy and were admirers of the British political system and of free trade, envisioned a unified national state that would open a bigger market for the massive agricultural production of the Emilian plains. In 2019, an article in la Repubblica also named Bologna the most vegan-friendly city in Italy, noting that the city had 19 vegan and vegetarian restaurants The sum each of the pairs can be calculated as one cuboid of double width. A series of plagues in the late 16th to early 17th century reduced the population of the city from some 72,000 in the mid-16th century to about 47,000 by 1630. View Franco Mancini’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. [83] The centre-left regained power again in the 2004 mayoral elections, with the election of Sergio Cofferati. The executive body is the City Committee (Giunta Comunale), composed by 12 assessors, that is nominated and presided over by a directly elected Mayor. Every attempt to escape or to rescue him failed, and he died after more than 22 years in captivity. Foggia. However, these reforms achieved only mixed results. Entdecken Sie Francesco Mancini. Music By – Cesare Andrea Bixio. Bis heute, seit Feb. 2004. [26] In 1376, Bologna again revolted against Papal rule and joined Florence in the unsuccessful War of the Eight Saints. [5], Originally Etruscan, the city has been one of the most important urban centres for centuries, first under the Etruscans (who called it Felsina), then under the Celts as Bona, later under the Romans (Bonōnia), then again in the Middle Ages, as a free municipality and signoria, when it was among the largest European cities by population. The Papal census of 1841 reported 10,000 permanent beggars and another 30,000 (out of a total population of 70,000) who lived in poverty. Martina Calcio 1947, Template Webarchive - collegamenti all'Internet Archive, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. Nell'estate del 1991, dopo la promozione nella massima serie, gioca titolare nell'undici di Zdeněk Zeman; al termine dell'annata, è uno dei pochi elementi della rosa a non subire lo stravolgimento societario voluto dai Casillo. [71] The city hosts several minor railway stations (see List of railway stations in Bologna). As of 2009[update], 89.47% of the population was Italian. In addition, Bologna San Donato classification yard, with 33 railway tracks, is the largest freight hub in Italy by size and traffic.[72]. With its volume of 258,000 m3, it is the largest (Gothic or otherwise) church built of bricks of the world. By the 4th century BCE, the site was occupied by the Gaulish Boii, and it became a Roman colony and municipium with the name of Bonōnia in 196 BCE. The Orchestra Mozart, whose music director was Claudio Abbado until his death in 2014, was created in 2004. Il mio personale omaggio a un campione sul campo e fuori dal campo. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Franco Mancini im größten Business-Netzwerk der Welt an. Franco Mancini - AC Perugia, Bologna FC, AS Bari, Lucchese. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 7 dic 2020 alle 14:23. However, Bologna reverted to form in 2004 when Sergio Cofferati, a former trade union leader, unseated Guazzaloca. [11] Nella stagione 1994-1995 stabilisce, dalla 5ª giornata (Cremonese-Foggia, rete di Alessio Pirri al 47') alla 10ª (Parma-Foggia, gol di Dino Baggio all'89'), la sua più lunga striscia di imbattibilità con 492 minuti. Francesco Mancini (* 10.Oktober 1968 in Matera; † 30. SAIS Bologna was founded in 1955 as the first campus of a US post-graduate school to open in Europe. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Mancini_(calciatore) In the five years between 2002 and 2007, the population of Bologna grew by 0.0 percent, while Italy as a whole grew by 3.56 percent. Famous for its towers, churches and lengthy porticoes, Bologna has a well-preserved historical centre, thanks to a careful restoration and conservation policy which began at the end of the 1970s. A sporting nickname for Bologna is Basket City in reference to the successes of the town's two rival historic basketball clubs, Virtus and Fortitudo, though the clubs are now often referred to by the names of their current sponsors. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 5.4 km, while 7% travel for over 12 km in a single direction.[74]. The economy was stagnant because of Papal policies that distorted trade with heavy custom duties and sold concessions of monopolies to single manufacturers thus lowering competition, depressing productivity and incentivising corruption. [23] By 1200, Bologna was a thriving commercial and artisanal centre of about 10,000 people.[24]. According to UNESCO, "As the first Italian city to be appointed to the Network, Bologna has demonstrated a rich musical tradition that is continuing to evolve as a vibrant factor of contemporary life and creation. [6] Home to the oldest university in the world,[7][8][9][10][11] the University of Bologna, established in AD 1088, the city has a large student population that gives it a cosmopolitan character. Clockwise from top: panorama of Bologna and the surrounding hills. After the fall of Napoleon, the Congress of Vienna of 1815 restored Bologna to the Papal States. È morto all'età di 43 anni nel pomeriggio del 30 marzo 2012, quando viene colpito da un infarto nella sua casa di Pescara; in mattinata aveva regolarmente preso parte, nel suo ruolo di preparatore dei portieri, all'allenamento della squadra abruzzese. Dal giugno 2011 fino al 30 marzo 2012, giorno del suo decesso, ha ricoperto l'incarico di allenatore dei portieri nel Pescara, nuova squadra del tecnico boemo. In terms of total GDP, the Metropolitan City of Bologna generated a value of about €35 billion ($40.6 billion) in 2017, equivalent to €34,251 ($40,165) per capita, the third highest figure among Italian provinces (after Milan and Bolzano/Bozen).[67]. The raids, which this time were not confined to the city centre, left 2,481 people dead and 2,000 injured. Marcatore: Portiere: Minuto: Parz. Bologna is situated on the edge of the Po Plain at the foot of the Apennine Mountains, at the meeting of the Reno and Savena river valleys. The strategic importance of the city as an industrial and railway hub connecting northern and central Italy made it a target for the Allied forces. [17] Petronius is still revered as patron saint of Bologna. Data: Avversario: Ris. [29] In the mid-17th century, population stabilized at roughly 60,000, slowly increasing to some 70,000 by the mid-18th century. [13], Morto Francesco Mancini. [35], Napoleon entered Bologna on 19 June 1796. During a campaign to support the imperial cities of Modena and Cremona against Bologna, Frederick II's son, King Enzo of Sardinia, was defeated and captured on 26 May 1249 at the Battle of Fossalta. The municipality of Bologna is subdivided into six administrative Boroughs (Quartieri), down from the former nine before the 2015 administrative reform. Successivamente trova un posto da titolare nel Bari per le stagioni 1997-1998, 1998-1999 e 1999-2000. After the death of Matilda of Tuscany in 1115, Bologna obtained substantial concessions from Emperor Henry V. However, when Frederick Barbarossa subsequently attempted to strike down the deal, Bologna joined the Lombard League, which then defeated the imperial armies at the Battle of Legnano and established an effective autonomy at the Peace of Constance in 1183. He later played for Bisceglie in 1987. It is the seventh most populous city in Italy with about 390,000 inhabitants and 150 different nationalities. During the late 1200s, Bologna was affected by political instability when the most prominent families incessantly fought for the control of the town. The largest immigrant group came from other European countries (mostly Romanians and Albanians): 2.82%, East Asia (mostly Filipino): 1.50%, and South Asia (mostly from Bangladesh): 1.39%.[76]. The University of Bologna remains one of the most respected and dynamic post-secondary educational institutions in Italy. Mancini started his career at hometown club Matera in 1985. The police shooting of a far-left activist, Francesco Lorusso, sparked two days of street clashes. Papal rule finally ended in the aftermath of Second War of Italian Independence, when the French and Pidemontese troops expelled the Austrians from Italian lands, on 11 and 12 March 1860, Bologna voted to join the new Kingdom of Italy. At this time, Bologna had ninety-six convents, more than any other Italian city. Il portiere materano l'anno seguente va a vestire la maglia del Pisa in Serie C1 dall'inizio della stagione 2003-2004 fino al gennaio 2005, per poi trasferirsi alla Sambenedettese, con la quale gioca i play-off terminati con l'eliminazione subita dal Napoli di Edy Reja. Du Pouget was eventually ousted by a popular rebellion and Bologna became a signoria under Taddeo Pepoli in 1334. [42][43] By the end of the war, 43% of all buildings in Bologna had been destroyed or damaged. The insurrected provinces planned to unite as the Province Italiane Unite with Bologna as capital. [18] In the last quarter of the 8th century, Charlemagne, at the request of Pope Adrian I, invaded the Lombard Kingdom, causing its eventual demise. Il portiere del Foggia di Zeman, Addio a Mancini, portiere-libero cresciuto a Zemanlandia. Each Borough is governed by a Council (Consiglio) and a President, elected contextually to the city Mayor. [100] Well-regarded nearby vineyards include Pignoletto dei Colli Bolognesi, Lambrusco di Modena and Sangiovese di Romagna. The rivalry is temporarily dormant since Fortitudo left the country's professional ranks when, following the 2008–09 season, the club was relegated from the top-level Lega A to LegADue, before being relegated further to the nominally amateur Serie A Dilettanti for financial reasons; in the 2012–13 season, Fortitudo will play in the LegADue. [6][7][8] La sua interpretazione del ruolo, non priva di rischi, lo portava a commettere occasionali errori, alternati a interventi di pregevole fattura.[9]. Pompilj wurde in Padua als Tochter eines Grafen armenischer Herkunft Edoardo Aganoor (1822–1891) und der Mailänder Adligen Giuseppina Pacini geboren. Bologna has also two other nicknames: the first one, "the towered" (la turrita) refers to the high number of medieval towers that can be found in the city, even if today only 24 towers are still standing. "Benvenuti a Bologna – Welcome to Bologna" Oct 18, 2016, "Dati statistici temperature e precipitazioni dal 1991 al 2009", "Febbraio 2012, ma quanta neve è caduta? [31] Bologna continued to suffer a progressive deindustrialisation also in the 18th century. It numbered Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch among its students. By this time, the Germans had already largely left the city in the face of the Allied advance, spearheaded by Polish forces advancing from the east during the Battle of Bologna which had been fought since 9 April. Francesco Mancini vereinslos seit 01.07.2018 Rechtsaußen Marktwert: 25 Tsd. However, extreme infighting inside the Holy See after the Western Schism prevented the papacy from restoring its domination over Bologna, so it remained relatively independent for some decades as an oligarchic republic. [106] and, to date (2014) is Italy's oldest rugby union club still in operation. Per Chiara Carpano, moglie di Franco Mancini, si augura che prevalga il buonsenso e che venga consentito ai tifosi del Foggia di seguire la proprio … Lyrics By [Italian] – Ennio Neri. Nella stagione 2010-2011 è stato l'allenatore dei portieri nel Foggia, nello staff di Zdeněk Zeman. For a detailed account of how the relevant manuscripts and their transmission, see Charles M. Radding & Antonio Ciaralli, world's oldest university in continuous operation, new exhibition centre and business district, Category:Buildings and structures in Bologna, International museum and library of music, List of twin towns and sister cities in Italy, http://demo.istat.it/bilmens2019gen/index.html, "Bologna history – Bologna culture – Bologna – attractions in Bologna – art Bologna – history guide Bologna", "The Italian UNESCO Creative Cities under the lead of Bologna – Bologna Città della Musica", "Qualità della vita 2020: la classifica delle province italiane dove si vive meglio. Franco Mancini former footballer from Italy Goalkeeper * Apr 17, 1948 in Città di Castello, Italy follow following unfollow 0. [41], Bologna suffered extensive damage during World War II. The Province of Bologna stretches from the western edge of the Po Plain on the border with Ferrara to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Bologna is renowned for its culinary tradition. Useful contents of Francesco Mancini. [30] The university was losing students, who once came from all over Europe, because of the illiberal attitudes of the Church towards culture (especially after the trial of Galileo). It serves 58 million passengers annually. San Petronio Basilica, built between 1388 and 1479 (but still unfinished), is the tenth-largest church in the world by volume, 132 metres long and 66 metres wide, while the vault reaches 45 metres inside and 51 metres in the facade. [66] The Basilica of Saint Stephen and its sanctuary are among the oldest structures in Bologna, having been built starting from the 8th century, according to the tradition on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Egyptian goddess Isis. The city was heavily bombed again on 25 September. Franco has 4 jobs listed on their profile. Aktuelle Italien Spieler-Statistiken - Torjägerliste auf MSN Sport The influence of Etruscan civilization reached the area in the 7th to 6th centuries, and the Etruscan city of Felsina was founded at the site of Bologna by the end of the 6th century. [78] The Studium, as it was originally known, began as a loosely organized teaching system with each master collecting fees from students on an individual basis. An institution of federalism", "The Two Towers: Garisenda e degli Asinelli", "Dossier on the Metropolitan City of Bologna", "The Italian Region Where Co-ops Produce a Third of Its GDP", "Osservatorio della cooperazione in Emilia-Romagna", "Bologna Public Transportation Statistics", Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, "THE UNIVERSITY TODAY: NUMBERS AND INNOVATION", "American Centres – University of Bologna", "Remarks at the 50th Anniversary of SAIS in Bologna", "The red, the fat, and the learned: The story behind Bologna's curious nicknamess", "Repertoires of Democracy: The Case for Public Transport", "The Creative Cities Network: UNESCO Culture Sector", "Eventi Arte Contemporanea | Bologna contemporanea", "Why you won't find spaghetti bolognese in Italy", "World Vegan Day, ecco le dieci città più vegan-friendly d'Italia", "Fortitudo Baseball Bologna – Stadio Gianni Falchi", "Baseball Qualifier Europe/Africa dal 18 al 22 Settembre a Bologna e Parma #RoadToTokyo", Collection of Musical Instruments in Bologna, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bologna&oldid=995485138, Communes of the Metropolitan City of Bologna, Articles with dead external links from June 2016, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Italian-language text, Pages using infobox settlement with unknown parameters, Articles containing Emilian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2009, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2016, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Source: Servizio Meteorologico (sun and humidity 1961–1990), San Petronio de Bologna: The footplan of the building is a simple rectangle, Area = length of the building x width of the building = 132 m x 60 m. The volume, without the roofs, can be calculated as a sum of five cuboids, one single (the central nave) and two pairs (the aisles and the files of chapels). [75] The current birth rate of Bologna is 8.07 births per 1,000 inhabitants compared to the Italian average of 9.45 births. [40] Dino Grandi, a high-ranking Fascist party official and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, remembered for being an Anglophile, was from Bologna. [99] Situated in the fertile Po River Valley, the rich local cuisine depends heavily on meats and cheeses. La Nuova Casa (Who´s Perfect) Hier im Umgang mit unseren Lieferanten habe ich durch eine genaue Überprüfung reklamierter Waren Verbesserungsvorschläge erarbeitet. On 2 August 1980, at the height of the "years of lead", a terrorist bomb was set off in the central railway station of Bologna killing 85 people and wounding 200, an event which is known in Italy as the Bologna massacre. Bologna Centrale railway station is one of Italy's most important train hubs thanks to the city's strategic location as a crossroad between north–south and east–west routes. Cesena - Catanzaro 0-0, Enzo viene fermato dal portiere calabrese Pozzani. Bologna la migliore nell'anno del virus | Il Sole 24 ORE", "Bombardamenti aerei subiti da Bologna – Storia e Memoria di Bologna", "7 novembre 1944 – Battaglia di Porta Lame", Virginio Merola. Subsequently, the town began to expand rapidly and became one of the main commercial trade centres of northern Italy thanks to a system of canals that allowed barges and ships to come and go. The most famous of the towers of Bologna are the central "Due Torri" (Asinelli and Garisenda), whose iconic leaning forms provide a popular symbol of the town.[63]. No more than twenty medieval defensive towers remain out of up to 180 that were built in the 12th and 13th centuries before the arrival of unified civic government. Occupied by Frankish troops in 774 on behalf of the papacy, Bologna remained under imperial authority and prospered as a frontier mark of the Carolingian empire.[19]. used as a reference to the colour of the buildings in the city centre, has later become connected with the communist ideology supported by the majority of the population, in particular after World War II: until the election of a centre-right mayor in 1999, the city was renowned as a bastion of the Italian Communist Party. In 1995, members of the neo-fascist group Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari were convicted for carrying out the attack, while Licio Gelli—Grand Master of the underground Freemason lodge Propaganda Due (P2)—was convicted for hampering the investigation, together with three agents of the secret military intelligence service SISMI (including Francesco Pazienza and Pietro Musumeci). [61] In this policy framework, the Mayor of Bologna is designated to exercise the functions of Metropolitan mayor (Sindaco metropolitano), presiding over a Metropolitan Council formed by 18 mayors of municipalities within the Metro municipality. Torta di riso, a custard-like cake made of almonds, rice and amaretto, is made throughout the year,[103] as the zuppa inglese. Francesco Mancini, detto anche Franco (Matera, 10 ottobre 1968 – Pescara, 30 marzo 2012), è stato un calciatore e allenatore di calcio italiano, di ruolo portiere.

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